adopt a bacon sandwich - armchair farming at its best!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are on your way to becoming an armchair farmer!

So what is armchair farming?  Pig livery if you like.  You choose your pig from one available on the farm, and then it is raised for you.  Fed and watered, provided a warm bed and every need taken care of even poop scooping!  You need never get your hands dirty!  You can read updates from the farm on this website and see pictures of your pig.  If you can't spot your pig let us know and we'll point him out to you.  And the best bit is that you can even visit your pig if you like (by appointment).

At the end of the process, when your pig is ready, we will have it butchered, bagged & labelled ready for you to cook, cure or freeze.  Or you might like to use your hog for a spit roast for a special celebration.  You can then collect your pig from the farm or special arrangements can be made for delivery.

The process will take 4-6 months from the time you select your weaner.  You will have the reassurance of knowing where your pig was born & raised and that it has had a good life.  You will then get back some of the best pork you can eat.