It's almost time to say goodbye

What will I do with a whole pig!  Don't worry!  Your pig will come butchered to your specification, labelled, bagged and ready to cook, cure or freeze.  You can then choose to do what you want with your individual cuts.

How much room will I need for my pig? 
A quarter pig uses approximately one freezer drawer.  Worried you might be short of space?  Remember curing some of your pig prolongs it's life for up to a month in the refrigerator, and if dry curing your bacon/gammon, this can take several weeks during which time the joint can either be kept in your refrigerator or a cool box in a cold place whilst curing.  Also consider sharing your pig amongst a group of friends, family or work colleagues.  You can all partake in the fattening of your own pig, and then share the meat out.  When you receive your pig, you could even have a get together to cure some gammons and hams, produce some bacon, and make some sausages!