adopt a bacon sandwich - armchair farming at its best!


We're excited that down on the farm over in the butchery they've some smart label printing scales - so for new Adopt A Bacon Sandwich orders from 2019 onwards your pork will all be labelled complete with weights (handy when working out cooking times on joints) AND we can personalise your pig labels if you'd like us to!  How cool is that?

So there's two areas you can personalise.  You can have a logo, and you can chose text that appears across the top of the label.


Less is more!  It's a thermal printer so everything is black on white, and the logo is quite small so few words or a simple logo will work best.  Avoid shading.

Create your logo (you can do this in Paint) to a max size of 400 height and 288 width, and add your picture and or text.  Then save it as a jpg and email it to us telling us your TITLE WORDING.

Here's an example of what work's well - anymore text than our 'Adopt' logo to the right and it'll be too small to show up.


That's the wording across the top of the label - you can chose the wording that appears here.  Up to around 25 Characters works best - the more characters the smaller it gets, and eventually it will get too small to read!