adopt a bacon sandwich - armchair farming at its best!

How to get the best out of the scheme?  Follow us on facebook.  But most importantly - GET INVOLVED!!!   Arrange to visit your pig!  Ask us questions.  Facebook us!  Email us!  Tell us what you want to hear and learn.  Ask away!  Because sometimes we feel like we're just grunting away to ourselves...

Lambing was spot on this year with all our ewes done and dusted within 16 days - that means our Ram caught them all the first time round - good lad!

Our goats have finished kidding too so it's just pigs that are farrowing which happens all year round with each sow having two litters per year.  Our latest litter were British Saddlebacks - sow and litter all doing well.

The wets still continuing and we've decided to bring the outside piggies back inside until the weather improves.  Sod's law that will probably be the day after we bring them all in!  It'll be a mission bringing them back in with the land being so slippy but it's gotta be done.  Plans are being formulated!

We've had a broody bantam takes to sitting on a clutch of eggs so we're anxiously waiting 21 days to see what might hatch.  We're not sure if the cockerel got in there first so we may just have dud eggs

New ducklings and chicks have arrived and are being fattened for the table.  It's Spring and it's all go on the farm.

As we slip into April I've heard of April showers but heavy rain and snow?  Ok, so it's been so wet the snow hasn't settled, but there were definite large flakes coming down with the rain!  And it's so cold!  Well it feels cold anyway after the tshirt weather of last week.

We'd just got a lot of the fatteners outside and into their summer paddocks too!  I bet they all wish they were back in the barn snuggled under a large pile of straw.  They certainly aren't even poking their snouts out the arks at the moment, other than at mealtimes when lately they've been enjoying Mangos (organic no less), pears, watermelons and lettuce with a few oranges thrown in for good measure (well they might need that vitamin C with this cold snap).

Our lambing kicked off a day early on 31st March and got off to a good start with triplets.  Proud ewe and lambs all doing well.  With a bit of luck we'll have lambing completed within a couple of weeks.

We have a new Dexter bull on the farm who will be giving some lovin to the ladies, so come next January we'll hopefully have lots of calves running about.  Cows are pregnant for about 9 months, just like us, well, the better looking half of us.  I'm assured I'm not pregnant but that it's simply a beer belly.  I prefer to consider it contentment spread.

The goat kids are doing well and our own herd of nannies are partway through kidding.  Goat meat is like lamb, but without the fat - so careful cooking is required to avoid it drying out.  The thought of curried goat... I think it's time to go and prepare dinner!

Well the snows produced extra work for us on the farm with the water freezing but also given us a lot of fun to with sledges and snowballs!  It's nice to see all the mud disappear under a blanket of white.

Christmas is over and we've been receiving ALOT of brussel sprouts and satsumas!  Even the piggies are getting that "not brussels again" look.  There's certainly a cabbagey smell about the farm.  Can you have too much of a good thing? 

The cows are enjoying the oranges along with their diet of pea straw and hay.  The pea straw is a high protein waste product from growing peas which makes a good feed.

The emails are beginning to come in from those of you who were gifted a pig for Christmas and we are busy allocating weaners to people.

Well our last orders before Christmas have all been supplied, including a number of suckling/spit roast pigs for some special events.  We even managed a visit to Camden Market after a London delivery run for a spot of Christmas shopping in the evening!

The piggies are now all in the barn out of the worst of the weather.  They're mostly eating piggy-cake - a mixture of waste pancakes and a cereal based meal.  Fruit and Veg has been a bit slim - when the weathers cold it doesn't go off as quickly - good for those selling it but not so good for us and our piggies.

The sheep in their thick wooly coats are stopping outside, they are not due to lamb until 1st April when we hope the sun will be shining and the Spring grass growing nicely.

The Dexter cows too are still outside in an overwinter paddock.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!