It's almost time to say goodbye

Dry curing your bacon couldn't be simpler following the simple links on our site.  We can however assist you by putting your bacon cuts in cure and bagging it up ready to go straight into your fridge.  This additional service is 76p/lb (pre cured weight)

Once you receive your bagged up bacon in cure simply place the bags in the fridge turning after two days.

After four days you are ready to rinse your bacon in cold water to thoroughly remove all excess cure.

At this point you've two choices.  You can freeze whole blocks of bacon (you might wish to cut them down in size) so that you can then defrost them as a block you need them just like a loaf of bread, and slice them thinly, thickly or as bacon chops with a really sharp knife and drop them straight into the pan or under the grill to cook.  This is loved by guests who are usually used to seeing rashers removed from a pack rather than sliced from the block and cooked.

Or you might wish to slice them first before freezing, in which case leave the rinsed bacon uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours to dry which aides cutting with a sharp knife before bagging up in the number of slices you wish and freezing.