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EXPIRED VOUCHERS - don't worry, all is not lost!

Pig Gift vouchers must be redeemed within six months from their initial date of purchase.  To redeem a voucher is to have chosen a pig and been given an eta of when it will be ready.  You must have selected your pig within the six month validity of your gift voucher, and your pig may take up to six months to fatten.  Therefore the fattening period may run outside of the expiry date by up to around six months.

Why do our gift vouchers have an expiry date?
Basically like any business, we have to specify a time limit for a gift voucher to be valid.  Within our own business our costs and overheads (insurance etc) go up annually and so we need to provide you with your pig (or half pig) within a reasonable period of purchase.

Whilst the majority of our vouchers are redeemed promptly after being gifted, a few get forgotten about.  Ultimately we want to win you over with our fantastic produce and turn you into a long term customer who will hopefully reorder pigs for many years to come.  Therefore if your voucher has expired or if you are not yet ready to redeem your voucher, you can extend your vouchers expiry date by 6 months!

To do this we simply ask that you make an additional purchase to be collected within 45 days.  You may extend your vouchers expiry date once only, and this must be done within six months of your vouchers original expiry date.