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This section won't cover every query you might have, so do feel free to email us, but here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How to I begin my scheme?
You begin your scheme by choosing your pig which is then fattened for you.  This must be done before the expiry date of your gift voucher.  To begin drop us an email telling us your voucher unique security number, your name and address, and if you already have a date when you would like to receive your pig in mind, or a particular breed, let us know, and we will then give you a choice of pigs to chose from.

Can I have my pig straight away?
Of course we can arrange this no problem.

Are all the pigs rare breed?
We only fatten rare breed and rare breeds crosses because they produce the best pork, sausage and bacon.  If you'd like a particular breed simply let us know.

Can we have bacon?
Dry curing bacon takes time hence bacon from your own pig would be ready at a later date to the fresh meat.  Therefore unless you fancy curing your own bacon (which is a really simply process) we suggest you request to buy bacon from us made from another pig which will mean it will be ready with your main order.

Can we have sausages?
If you only want a few sausages, you can add them to your order in addition to your pig by buying from us (email your requirements).  If you would like some or all of your pig making into sausage, we can do this at £2.20/kg (£1/lb) with a minimum charge of £35.

Are we able to buy extra sausages and bacon?
Yes!  Just email us.

In what size pieces does my pig come?
This is up to you, the more information you give us the better the pig will be butchered to your requirements.  We can guide you through this.  The price of the pig includes butchery to your specification, and all the meat will be bagged and labelled.  It's up to you the size of the joints, whether you want rolled loin or pork chops or half and half, whether you want to keep a leg for a ham or have it sliced as leg steaks etc.  Processing is an extra cost and this includes bacon and gammon curing and sausage making.  If you let us know your requirements we can guide you.

How quickly do we need to freeze our pig?
This always depends on the efficiency and air circulation of your fridge.  We recommend freezing your pork within a week of it being killed, though dry cured bacon and ham can be kept in a fridge for longer with the curing being a preserving process.  You will need to keep an eye (& nose) on your fresh pork and use your own judgement.  The problem with smaller fridges is when packed, the poor air circulation doesn't work as effectively as a commercial fridge.

Do you sell hams at Christmas?
If ordered in advance.

Are the flavours all the same?
Some people will tell you that there's different tastes between the different breeds.  We've found the taste varies depending on what time of year the pigs have been fattened and what they've had to eat.  Whichever way the flavour will be outstanding, the pork succulent and juicy and the crackling crispy.

Where do we collect our pig from?
You can collect your order when it's ready from Keythorpe Valley Farm, Crackbottle Road, Keythorpe, Leicester LE7 9XG - please be sure to make an appointment and keep to it.  If there is any chance of being delayed please advise in advance and keep in touch.  A one hour window is usually booked for customers collecting (thirty minutes either side) and if you are outside of this window the premises may be closed depending on subsequent commitments.

Can you deliver?
We don't as standard delivery pork any more, but it is still possible if you let us know before you chose your pig / at time of order so we know where you are and when you want your pig.  We will look to combine delivery with others at a subsidised cost of £20.  Sometimes we will meet a customer at a service area.  We can also offer bespoke delivery options (courier man and van) or you can arrange your own courier to collect.